PaulPaul Kerr

I was almost seven years old when I started playing my older brother’s drums.  He eventually became a fairly decent drummer, and along the way, showed me the proper way to play and practice.  Like many students, I spent a lot of time trying to master the basic rudiments, and thank God I did, because it’s so important to have a solid background.   My early influences in the 70s include John Bonham, Neil Pert, Terry Bozzio, Ginger Baker, and Ian Paice.  I’ve spent many hours playing along to records just for fun, but I think in the end it gave me a great sense of groove and steady timing, which are essentials for solid drumming.

I believe a good musician can play any style, so I took every opportunity to take on new challenges in my school years such as concert band, stage band and marching band.  I even took a couple Jazz improvisation classes in college which expanded my creative ability and really comes in handy when you’re a drummer.  I’ve always enjoyed playing and jamming with friends throughout the years, but career and family were always my priority.  Therefore, even though playing drums is a true passion of mine, I don’t have a long list of bands I’ve played with.

My life is very normal, busy and dynamic.  I also enjoy windsurfing, mountain biking and camping.  Music completes me, and I’ve always said that in many ways, playing music is good therapy.  It just takes you out of the daily grind into someplace very special.  It takes a lot of hard work, but when it all comes together, it’s wonderful and rewarding.  And, I have to say, it’s working really good right now, and I’m very thankful.

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