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I grew up in San Mateo, CA in a very musical family. My eclectic tastes were formed from exposure to a wide variety of music. My dad introduced me to lots of jazz and big band with artists like Woody Herman, Bennie Goodman and more. My mom listened to a lot of classical stuff, Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky and others. My brother got me into rock and progressive rock (Yes, Santana, Pink Floyd, Emerson, Lake and Palmer) and my sister was responsible for the pop sensibilities of bands like The Beatles, The Lovin’ Spoonful and even The Archies. Combine all that with my own explorations and it’s a recipe for a large palette.

I started my own endeavors with piano lessons at age 7 and after a couple of years and a brief detour on trumpet I began playing drums. My desire to write my own material was growing and I soon learned guitar and bass so that I could present ideas to my other musical friends. I suppose I became a vocalist by default when no one else wanted to sing. Anyway, the songwriting led me into the world of multi-track audio and music production and it’s where I remain today. I spend my days recording, mixing and producing various projects for clients all over the world. I’ve had some songs licensed on television and cable networks and I’m seriously afflicted with Gear Acquisition Syndrome (G.A.S.) for which there is no known cure. I continue to play drums, keys, guitar, bass and pretty much any other instrument I can get a hold of as part of my production process. I’ve released a number of albums, EPs and singles as a member of  bands Dart (indie-Brit-pop), Overcurve (alt-rock), Skyward Down (alt-drama-rock), Radiodust (progressive rock) and my current bluesy country-rock project Tandem Rain. I also have some solo stuff out there too, both rock and instrumental/ambient, new-age type stuff. Check it out on iTunes or other digital outlets…
-JD Stefan solo albums
-Tandem Rain
-Skyward Down

I moved to Meridian, ID in 2006 and played in a couple of bands before joining up with The Retreads. It was a fresh start for all of us, a new dynamic but one that worked right from the start, instant chemistry. The Retreads have been a perfect home for me. I started out playing in the garage sharing music with my friends back in high school and I’ve come full circle to that experience again except that I’m much better than I was and I have much better gear. Come on out and check out a Retreads show and say hello! The music reflects all of our diverse musical backgrounds, tastes and influences. I can pretty much guarantee that just about everyone will find songs they like.


  • Beverly Jean, aka Jean on April 6, 2017

    John, my son, showed talent when I taught him and his sibs piano. Very proud of his accomplishments. Way to go, JD!

  • Beverly Jean, aka Jean on April 6, 2017

    Along with John’s 2 sibs, I taught them piano, but John is the one who took off with it and has accomplished a lot since then. Very proud of him, to say the least. Way to go, John!

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